The Strange Tale of The Exotic Car Company

We were requested by an attorney representing an extremely wealthy individual to investigate a company which sold extremely expensive cars. This company was being run by the boyfriend of the daughter of the extremely wealthy individual (the EWI as hereafter known.) The attorney handled all the legal and financial affairs of the EWI and was concerned about the increasingly large amounts of money being required to keep the car company afloat. Here's where it gets interesting; the boyfriend of the daughter had just proposed marriage to the daughter and the old-school attorney was concerned that the boyfriend was far more interested in all that money than the daughter.

We set up a meeting with boyfriend at loss-making Car co. He pitched 30 minutes late, with profuse apologies. He was in his early thirties and dressed immaculately in slacks, jacket and a cravat. He told us in a distinctly European accent that he was a member of the European aristocracy and was a titled nobleman. He had impeccable manners and was totally self-assured and said that he was merely running the company as a favour to the EWI. He went on to say that his family was very wealthy and that consequently he never concerned himself with financial matters. He then charmingly excused himself, saying that he had a lunch appointment at a restaurant that we knew to be hugely expensive.

We dived into the company records and discovered that our aristocrat was looting the company. He didn’t own a car; he didn’t need one because he drove a different exotic car from the company every day. We thought he looked the part when he would pitch up in Rolls, Maserati or other supercar and then bid everyone a cheery Good Morning in his French/Italian accent.

It was clear that he was funding an unbelievably lavish lifestyle from the company which was requiring more and more funding. It was blatant, an example being an overseas skiing trip for our playboy together with his friends. He travelled up front in first class with his friends in the back in economy!

The result was a meeting where we confronted him with the evidence of his spending spree.  We had expected him to attempt to justify it but to our amazement he said that this was the lifestyle he was used to and that the EWI had given him the company as present and, further, that it was merely a hobby to him.

He saw his relationship with the daughter as his trump card and always appeared totally unconcerned. The daughter was totally besotted with her handsome aristocrat which lead to lots of emotional turmoil as was to be expected. The strange thing was that it was hard to dislike him as he was always friendly and charming when with us.

We had been unable to find any evidence to support what he was purporting to be. He was always vague about who we could contact to verify his story and when we suggested that, if he or his family were so wealthy, he contribute to the company funding he said the funds were tied up.

We saw the real side of him when we told him that we were going to hand the matter over to  the police. For once his urbane manner was replaced by a furious outburst.

A few days later we received a letter from an attorney demanding a meeting with us. At the   meeting the aggressive attorney presented us with an amazing proposal. He said that his client had information and evidence that would be extremely damaging to the EWI. If we did not pursue the matter with the police his client would hand over the documentation in his possession to our attorney and would leave the country immediately.

Our fake nobleman left the country