About Us

We are a credible multi-disciplinary, highly experienced team, providing comprehensive operational and financial management support to businesses either growing or in need of stability.

We have a comprehensive range of skills that includes but is not limited to financial analysis, legal and financial restructuring, strategy formulation and marketing strategy, as well as the ability to negotiate at the highest levels, with individual proven track records.

We are a unique management association which adds tangible value to its clients as well as the broader business community by providing a wide range of effective business solutions.

Our Expertise
  • Probing business due diligence.

  • Strategic reassessment to ensure a scalable business model.

  • On-going tangible strategic guidance and mentorship to management.

  • Evaluating current business development model resulting from hastened access to new channels, markets and resources.

  • Appraisal of target markets and access thereto through relationships/networks held by Lotus Management Group and our strategic partners.

  • Corporate governance obligations.

  • Sourcing desired human capital for growth

  • Specialist advice on BEE strategies

  • Marketing and sales strategy analysis

  • Legal compliance and financial reporting

  • Customized post funding investment assistance and monitoring

  • Providing long term capital and funding by leveraging contacts to various local VC funds that offer growth/permanent funding

  • Exit strategies

Why Choose Us?

We are different to others that refer to themselves as management consultants, advisors etc. Well, we certainly are and will explain why below.

The first clue lies in our name; there is no reference to consultants or advisors. This is due to our firmly held belief that our clients will always know more about THEIR business than we ever will and therefore we always see all ourselves as being an integral part of your management team, NOT just advisors.

This leads to the the critical requirement of every client; you don’t want to just be told what to do (you probably know what to do but lack the management resources to effect the vital execution piece.) Our strength lies in our ability to work with you and your team to successfully implement an agreed plan.


It simply isn't good enough to bolster your management team with people who possess impressive academic qualifications, but have no practical (and successful!) experience in actually running a company. By the way we do have all those academic degrees that provide us with the essential theoretical background to understand and fix complex business challenges.


We have no pre-packaged solutions whatsoever. We believe that sound general business principles are applicable to all businesses, but preconceived fixes have a nasty habit of backfiring! We therefore will always ensure that we understand the cause of a problem before progressing to a solution. Our years of experience across many different industries (from heavy engineering to ladies high fashion) have equipped us to add real, tangible value on any project.


Talking of adding value it is a central component of what we are about. We will not under any circumstances undertake a project unless we truly believe we have the ability to achieve the goals agreed upon with you up front and confirmed by your acceptance of our written proposal. We therefore will spend time in your business at no cost to you to ensure that we definitely can add real value.

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