When we formed Lotus Management Group we invested a considerable amount of team debating what we all wanted to be and how we were going to be relevant and different in a profession dominated by jargon-laden advice providers. Given the reality of the current mostly negative view of the management consulting profession we wanted to add the critical missing dimension of forming a cost-effective expert support to hard-pressed management teams that had as our critical success factor the successful implementation of our plans for our clients. This immediately differentiated us from virtually the rest of the profession.

To put this into practice we knew we needed to assemble a very special team of people, particularly if we wanted to trailblaze a new way of doing things in the profession. Our search was extremely interesting in that we couldn’t seem to find the right people with the mix of practical business experience and theoretical knowledge. There were masses of people with impressive qualifications but no practical experience of running a business, as well as lots of entrepreneurs without the theory.

We realised that what we needed were people who had the same value systems and principles that the core team had. Once we cottoned onto this very truth we could form a formidable team of amazing people that we would go to war with. All our directors and associates are fantastic people with differing backgrounds, skills and talents that when harnessed together in teams make them formidable. What we all have in common is the desire to really make a difference to our clients and to leave a legacy with every project we do.

Managing Director

Anthony Vann

Managing Director of Lotus Management Group since October 2015. Anthony is a qualified lawyer with a honours degree in financial management. After leaving the legal profession, he worked for Deloitte’s as a management consultant and thereafter opened his own management consultancy practice. He has extensive practical hands on management experience across many industries and has worked both locally and overseas. His experience includes a 10 year stint at a senior level in a major South African bank.

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