Our Core Services

Business Rehabilitation

This aspect of our business involves assisting distressed companies to establish a sustainable business platform that will enable the company to not only cope with its current challenges but also to move forward with a clearly defined competitive edge supported by a simple management control system.

Over the years we have developed a unique model for dealing with such clients based on our teams combination of theoretical backgrounds as well as the all important practical knowledge of actually running a business.

As can be seen from our list of some our previous projects we have assisted distressed clients across the industry spectrum, from ladies high fashion to heavy engineering i.e. our unique model is able to slot into every company type.

In addition, by utilising our extensive network of business partners, we are able to provide funding beyond that is sourced from conventional funders.

Business Continuity

This focus area relates to that critical period in a company's development when it moves beyond the confines of a small business to a medium sized business. The challenges facing management change dramatically and its management's ability to deal with a fluid new environment that is critical.


Many companies with talented management teams and great business concepts fail to deal with the new issues. We assist with providing direction and a plan which management use to start realising the potential of their re-positioned firm. 


Our third focus area is that of specialised training in the fields of financial management, banking and strategic planning/management.

In terms of financial management training, we up skill management with little or no financial background, in the basics of financial management, as well as structure and interpretation of financial statements.

The formulation of client specific financial control systems, covering critical areas, is also covered. For clients well versed in the basics, we include in our training team, leading financial management academics who cover areas such as financial strategy and other aspects of advanced financial management.

For the retail banking sector, we facilitate courses on behalf of a London based international retail banking training academy, which leads to an accreditation as a certified retail banker.

We facilitate strategic planning sessions for client management teams, as well as provide strategic management training with a practical bias which equips management to add a strategic element to their thinking and planning.